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Happyfans – A Subscription-Based Network Built on Web3

The Web3 and the Blockchain are amazing and we are so proud of our work on this project.

Our approach was to understand the context of the product and identify the market and the stakeholders for your new product development.

Understanding the company strategy is important from the outset because it articulates the organization’s brand, vision, and guiding principles.

The strategy underpinning a UX project will shape the goals of the project:

  • what the company is hoping to achieve with the project;
  • how its success should be measured;
  • what priority it should have in the grand scheme of things.

The commons User Experience (UX) activities to do in this step are:

  • Brainstorming;
  • Competitors and Best Practices;
  • Internal Focus Groups (with the company departments);
  • Defining personas;
  • Wireframing and prototyping;
  • Branding and UI Design
  • Assemble a multidisciplinary team to ensure complete expertise.
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